We adopted the following values as our DNA to reach the VISION we target and to fulfill the MISSION we undertake while designing and manufacturing the flexible package products in the industry.

  • To increase the customer satisfaction by developing and producing environment friendly in compliance with customer demands and expectations
  • To give particular importance to the open communication, team work, training, employee satisfaction, occupational health and safety
  • To fulfill the legal obligations by cooperating with the supplier and contractor companies
  • To improve its own standards by implementing national and international standards, laws, guiding principles of Responsible Care
  • To protect the environment through manufacturing, distribution, disposal operations, prevention of natural sources consumption and pollution
  • To ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and visitors by considerably obeying the rules of occupational health and safety, providing a safe working place and minimizing the risks
  • To manufacture the products under hygienic conditions by placing importance on the food safety with hygiene security
  • To invest in and pay attention to using high technology
  • To adopt the continuous development as principle, to fulfill the requirements of Quality, Environment, Food Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, Management Systems and to ensure necessary resources by improving its efficiency